Going to the gym can be a drag. It’s hard to get motivated, you don’t know exactly what to do and it can be intimidating with all the muscle men staring at you. That’s why boutique workout studios were invented. Here you have experts telling you what to do in a safe and comfortable space. Not to mention, you’ll get whipped into shape in no time. Whether you want punch the heck out of something or get super zen, there’s a class for you. These are five of our favorites in Bergen County.

1. Krav Maga, Ramsey

You'll learn real-life moves while getting a real-good workout.Jenny Fornarotto

You’ll learn real-life moves while getting a real-good workout.

This might be different than any other workout you’ve tried before. Krav Maga is Hebrew for “contact combat,” and is the official self-defense system of Israel. Krav Maga is a martial art system that has been continually refined and developed as a result of actual modern combat and real world self-defense experiences. This fast paced class will work on primal moves, kickboxing, and martial arts exercises. You’ll learn how to defend yourself while getting a great workout in.

2. Beautiful Bodies Bootcamp,Ho-Ho-Kus

Experience this Signature Boot Camp, which challenges you both mentally and physically. This full body workout is led by certified and experienced fitness coaches who will push you to your highest level, but, don’t’ worry no one will be yelling at you. It’s run in a way that promotes positive thinking and teamwork. It’s an hour class with 28 people in the class, along with 2 coaches and aims to target the fully body. You will definitely be sore after this.

3. Sweat Spin, Ramsey and Franklin Lakes

This boutique style studio specializes in the hottest celebrity workout trend: spinning. Every instructor is certified and has been carefully selected by the spinning director. The studio is 1,100 square feet and is larger than the average studio. Every client has an excellent view of the instructor all while awesome music playing. The music is amazing – everything from 70’s, 80’s, Today’s hits, Teen Spin, Classic Rock, and more. Complimentary Poland Spring Water comes with the class.

4. Vitality Fitness, Barre Class, Ridgewood

Vitality has been teaching barre classes since 2000, so you know they’re pros. The barre workout at Vitality is a variety of isometrics, interval training, free weights, and your own body weight. The small class guarantees attention from the highly experienced instructors. This challenging and total body workout will have your muscles shaking but it’s all done to stimulating music. No matter how much pain there is, just remember that you’ll have a flat stomach, tight butt, and toned limbs at the end and that will be worth it.

5. Shree Yoga, Aligned Flow I&II, Saddle River

These smaller classes makes it easier to get attention from highly trained, certified instructors. This yoga studio is beautiful and secluded – with a view of a courtyard and the Saddle River. This is an alignment-based vinyasa class of constantly moving poses, one flowing into the next, set to music. The class is designed to give a gently aerobic practice while building strength and flexibility. After this class you can go into the week with a new refreshed state of mind.