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Tony Racciatti is the Krav Maga Head Instructor at the Krav Maga NJ in Ramsey, NJ. He began Krav Maga training in 1995, and then continued training in Israel. Tony completed the instructor’s certification course in the year 2000, under the tutelage of Haim Zut.

Mr. Racciatti has a previous background in Shotokan Karate and street fighting under famed Japanese instructor, Kazumi Tabata, and Sensei Joseph Lepore. Tony has studied Kubotan with the Defense Tactics Institute, under John Peters.

Tony has been featured in the popular website, as well as appeared on FOX News. He has taught members of Homeland Security and federal law enforcement agencies such as the FBI, ICE, and DEA. He has worked as private security for the HBO television series, The Sopranos. In addition, he has given several seminars including self-defense for airline personnel and nightclub security teams.

Currently, Tony is involved in the “Active Defender” series which instructs in Krav Maga, teaching actors and actresses fight choreography for film and television. Mr. Racciatti joined Krav Maga Global in 2012, headed by Eyal Yanilov. Mr. Yanilov has personally visited KMNJ and tested Mr. Racciatti.

He enjoys teaching people from all walks of life and begun holding teen classes. Tony Racciatti is also a professional musician and a graduate of Berklee College of Music.

Instructor Tony Racciatti
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