What Our Students Are Saying


Krav Maga

“Tony is a great teacher and a great guy I took classes at a different locations many years ago and follow him from Clifton to Ridgewood now his school in Ramsey is really nice. Workouts really make you sweat and the fighting is fun. I have been doing martial arts for years many different styles and Krav Maga is the real deal. Tony shows respect and deserves it back. You are making a good choice if you train with him.”

-David H.

“My daughter had her 9th birthday at Krav Maga NJ in Ramsey. She had so much fun and could not stop raving about all the games and activities that were provided. She learned some really cool self defense moves. I am planning on enrollment for this fall to keep up her energy. The great thing about it was the owner gave them exercises that she performs at home. They have great food and atmosphere for all kids to enjoy.”

-Sarah L.

“Wasn’t quite sure when I pulled up what to expect , looked kind of like a warehouse . After my first class I was hooked. Great energy , great instruction and nice group of people . Signed up for 6 months . The head instructor had a logical practical answer for all my questions . He had calming effect even though I was bit uptight going in. The work at you own pace and work to be the best individual of my capabilities . Just kept plugging away and I performed a ground roll I never thought possible.”


“Fantastic workout and gives you a great sense of security. As a mom of two young children both under 2, I want to make sure I can defend both myself and my family. Ive learned proper kicking and punching techniques and learned techniques to disarm attackers who are wielding guns and knives. In addition, since I started Krav Maga I’ve lost all my baby weight!”

-Renee T

“I apologize for not writing to you earlier, but I wanted time to pass before sending you this letter. In late April 2013, I was parked at a large convenience store in New jersey waiting for my children to return and was help up at gunpoint by a Carjacker in a Ski mask. The Carjacker ordered me out of the car but before I could hand him my car keys my instincts told me to defend myself in the way I was trained by Krav Maga. As I stepped out of my BMW I grabbed the semi-automatic handgun and began a 2+ minute struggle with the assailant while waiting for the local Police to arrive. The Police Dept. happened to be committed to another Carjacking attack this team had just committed and did not show up until after the assailant fled the scene.To make a long story short, I was slightly banged up but survived a real life situation using the Krav Maga techniques that I learned over 10+ years of training with you. I appreciate everything you have done for me over the years including helping me earn my Brown Belt and waned to thank you in writing.”

-Larry Melchionda

I took my first class yesterday and it was a BLAST! KravMaga is a great work out and an excellent way to learn self defense while you are training. Tony is a true professional. He made me feel like I was getting a personal training session even though I was in a class. Well worth the money. I took some pix of all of his certifications. This guy is well trained!

-Mike M.