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Krav Maga NJ

To Whom It May Concern,

Please accept this letter of recommendation on behalf of Anthony Racciatti who is applying for a position as a Continuing Education Instructor for the New Jersey Real Estate Commission, Education Section.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Mr. Racciatti for more than ten years. During that time frame I have been a student at his martial arts school, KRAV MAGA NJ, LLC, located in Ramsey, New Jersey. I have also provided legal services to Mr. Racciatti and his business as needed.

Mr. Racciatti is quite simply an excellent educator. His self defense skills are incredible to witness. More importantly, he has a gift for teaching those skills to people who have no previous experience with such matters, such as me when I began studying with him. The style of self defense taught by Krav Maga Global devotes considerable attention to subjects such as avoiding and de-escalating conflicts and recognizing potentially dangerous situations in order to avoid them. It also emphasizes that even in defending yourself an appropriate response to a threat is required. Mr. Racciatti wholeheartedly embraces and teaches those principles.

Turning to the physical aspects of self defense, Mr. Racciatti is skilled at explaining and demonstrating techniques in a way that all individuals, regardless of physical fitness level, age, gender, or life experience, are capable of understanding and executing. Probably more so than any other martial arts, Krav Maga focuses on practical and effective self defense techniques that can be performed by all individuals, regardless of size or strength. I have seen Mr. Racciatti effectively teach those skills to individuals who completely lacked such abilities when they began training.

Mr. Racciatti provides instruction to children as well as adults, and I have seen them respond positively and gain poise and maturity. Over the years the adult classes have become increasingly co-ed, with nearly fifty percent of the students now comprised of women. I have witnessed countless students of Mr. Racciatti gain skill and confidence.

Finally, Mr. Racciatti is courteous, kind, and someone who exhibits the highest ethical standards. He is quite unlike the stereotypical defense instructor or drill sergeant. In my opinion anyone would be fortunate to have him as a self defense instructor. Should you desire any additional information or insight please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you. Very truly yours,
Francis A. Kirk

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to recommend Anthony Racciatti as instructor for a course in real estate license safety. I am a retired attorney and have practiced martial arts for many years, having obtained black belts in 2 styles of karate, as well as in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I am currently a student of Anthony in the practice of Krav Maga. Having seen a number of martial arts instructors over the years, I can safely say that Krav Maga and Anthony as an instructor, are at the top of the list as a program of self-defense.

Each marital art has its own pros and cons, as well as strongpoints and weaknesses when it comes to self defense. Krav Maga, however, presents the best of all styles, in my view. In addition, it presents most clearly real world responses in real world scenarios. That is all reflected to perfection in the way Anthony teaches. Besides having taught for many years, he combines his own personal experiences with a knack for breaking down techniques in a really understandable form. This latter skill sets him apart from others (I have also taken Krav Maga at other schools) and underscores the wisdom of hiring him.

Brian Kaplowitz

To Whom It May Concern,

I am a retired NYPD Sergeant and Military Veteran who has been training under instructor Tony Racciatti for the past 7 years. I strongly endorse Mr. Racciatti as a self defense instructor for his commitment to teaching his students the most effective self defense techniques possible. Mr. Racciatti’s attention to detail and enthusiasm to teach Krav Maga is second to none, whether it be a private lesson, group class, or large self defense seminar.

For Your Consideration,
Steven A. Pagels

To Whom It May Concern,

I recommend Anthony Racciatti for the position of Continuing Education Instructor for the New Jersey Real Estate Commission.

My son currently attends Mr. Racciatti’s group and private classes. My son has participated in other martial arts programs and did not remain interested, but thoroughly enjoys the Krav Maga lessons where he is being taught confidence while learning how to be a responsible, respectful, and caring person.

Mr. Racciatti is a certified Krav Maga Global (KMG) instructor with decades of experience. His reputation in the field of personal defense is well known and he is highly respected in his field. Many in the law enforcement community have turned to Mr. Racciatti for instruction and coaching.

Mr. Racciatti begins by building a strong foundation of respect, discipline and skill. His ability in teaching Krav Maga and personal defense is supported by his real world experience and first hand knowledge of safety and security.

Brian A. Higgins

To Whom It May Concern,

As a black female Physician who has dedicated her life to the healing of the human mind and body, I found it difficult to find the necessary controlled violence needed to protect myself from being attacked. That is where KMG New Jersey and Tony Racciatti have greatly impacted my life. Tony has given me the practical knowledge, technical skills and effective body training to feel confident in my self defense approach in real life circumstances. I recommend Tony Racciatti and KMG NJ with the highest regards and without reservation.

Laury Rosefort, MD

Dear Sir or Madam:

I’m pleased to recommend Anthony Racciatti for the position of Continuing Education Instructor for the New Jersey Real Estate Commission. As a student of Krav Maga NJ, I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Mr. Racciatti for over four years.

I currently attend Mr. Racciatti’s weekday group classes in Ramsey as often as my daily commute from Trenton will allow. I’ve also taken private classes with him and have attended numerous seminars pertaining to carjacking, home invasions, and knife/stick/gun defense. Mr. Racciatti also teaches an excellent women’s self defense seminar.

He teaches that avoiding conflict, whenever possible, is always the smartest approach. Unfortunately, there are situations where that may not be an option. Mr. Racciatti teaches practical real-world techniques. A ninety-two pound individual could quickly and effectively use one of his techniques to neutralize a three hundred pound attacker.

Mr. Racciatti teaches a diverse group. Some examples are young children, senior citizens, people with different athletic abilities, and individuals with special needs. One of his greatest attributes is his ability to create a welcoming environment for everyone. He will never make anyone feel uncomfortable by pushing him/her beyond their personal limits. He strives to make every individual the best possible version of themselves.

Mr. Racciatti is a gifted Krav Maga Global (KMG) certified instructor. KMG is his school’s governing body. Anyone can open a Krav Maga school, but not every instructor can obtain this prestigious KMG certification. Mr. Racciatti is the only instructor in New Jersey with this designation. In order to maintain his certification, Mr. Racciatti must adhere to KMG’s values and code of conduct. In addition, he must maintain his certification through continuous education.

Robert Cueto

Dear Sir or Madam:

I write in support of Mr. Anthony Racciatti’s application seeking approval as a real estate continuing education instructor. Because of the unique risks that real estate agents face, I urge you to approve Mr. Racciatti to provide continuing education about self defense and personal safety instruction for real estate agents. Not only do I think you should approve his application, I think the training he provides should be mandatory for real estate agents.

By way of a brief background, I am a licensed attorney who earned a Doctor of Pharmacy before attending Boston College Law School. I’ve spent years in classrooms as well as pharmacy and law seminars to comply with my own continuing education requirements. And among other professional experiences, I’ve served as a federal judicial clerk for a Federal District Judge in Newark, New Jersey – a time in which personal safety was a paramount issue in light of the environment inside and outside the courtroom.

Also relevant to this recommendation, I have a daughter and a wife. Although I’m not a violent person, I need to know how to protect them. Perhaps more importantly, I need to teach them how to protect themselves against so much senseless violence that unfortunately continues to infect our community. For these reasons, I began training in martial arts over four years ago. I began with a martial art called Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and then moved to Judo.

But it was only after I started training with Mr. Racciatti that I realized how practical self defense and personal safety methods should be taught and used. Notwithstanding my family and career-related obligations, I now attend one-on-one training and group classes run personally by Mr. Racciatti four to five times a week. And I’m not the only attorney in his class nor the only one with familial obligations that seek his instruction.

Without this training, I would never let myself (let alone my family) be put in a vulnerable situation – such as being a real estate agent who is alone and welcomes virtually anyone from the public into a confined space.

Mr. Racciatti’s instruction is all about protecting oneself (and others, if necessary) against violent encounters. He is especially effective at training those who are disadvantaged by their size to manage confrontations against those who are stronger or are armed with dangerous weapons. Mr. Racciatti teaches how to survive any violent confrontation if attacked by one or more persons of any size, in virtually any circumstance.

I believe I can confidently say that I know a good teacher when I see one. And Mr. Racciatti is just that. So I strongly urge you to view Mr. Racciatti’s application as a unique opportunity to prevent innocent real estate agents from being physically harmed. I would gladly answer any questions you might have.

Amar Mehta, Esq.

“Tony is a great teacher and a great guy I took classes at a different locations many years ago and follow him from Clifton to Ridgewood now his school in Ramsey is really nice. Workouts really make you sweat and the fighting is fun. I have been doing martial arts for years many different styles and Krav Maga is the real deal. Tony shows respect and deserves it back. You are making a good choice if you train with him.”

-David H.

“My daughter had her 9th birthday at Krav Maga NJ in Ramsey. She had so much fun and could not stop raving about all the games and activities that were provided. She learned some really cool self defense moves. I am planning on enrollment for this fall to keep up her energy. The great thing about it was the owner gave them exercises that she performs at home. They have great food and atmosphere for all kids to enjoy.”

-Sarah L.

“Wasn’t quite sure when I pulled up what to expect , looked kind of like a warehouse . After my first class I was hooked. Great energy , great instruction and nice group of people . Signed up for 6 months . The head instructor had a logical practical answer for all my questions . He had calming effect even though I was bit uptight going in. The work at you own pace and work to be the best individual of my capabilities . Just kept plugging away and I performed a ground roll I never thought possible.”


“Fantastic workout and gives you a great sense of security. As a mom of two young children both under 2, I want to make sure I can defend both myself and my family. Ive learned proper kicking and punching techniques and learned techniques to disarm attackers who are wielding guns and knives. In addition, since I started Krav Maga I’ve lost all my baby weight!”

-Renee T

In late April 2013, I was parked at a large convenience store in New jersey waiting for my children to return and was help up at gunpoint by a Carjacker in a Ski mask. The Carjacker ordered me out of the car but before I could hand him my car keys my instincts told me to defend myself in the way I was trained by Krav Maga. As I stepped out of my BMW I grabbed the semi-automatic handgun and began a 2+ minute struggle with the assailant while waiting for the local Police to arrive. The Police Dept. happened to be committed to another Carjacking attack this team had just committed and did not show up until after the assailant fled the scene. To make a long story short, I was slightly banged up but survived a real life situation using the Krav Maga techniques that I learned over 10+ years of training with you. I appreciate everything you have done for me over the years including helping me earn my Brown Belt and waned to thank you in writing.

Larry Melchionda

I took my first class yesterday and it was a BLAST! KravMaga is a great work out and an excellent way to learn self defense while you are training. Tony is a true professional. He made me feel like I was getting a personal training session even though I was in a class. Well worth the money. I took some pix of all of his certifications. This guy is well trained!

-Mike M.